CEO of Dermapen, Stene Marshall and Dr Satoshi Hashimoto from Japan visit The Facial Room

As one of the top 5 Dermapen salons, we were very excited to be asked to host CEO of Dermapen, Stene Marshall and Dr Satoshi Hashimoto, Dermapen distributer from Japan to view the success of the NEW Dermapen 4 technology here in Australia.

Fabienne showcased the new hand and chest treatment masks along with the NEW Dermpaen 4 needling device for a Beauty Publication in Japan. The masks soothe the skin and infuse calming actives into the skin after needling the areas to promote collagen and elastin along with skin rejuvenation effects.

Dermapen 4 is the ultimate in skin needling devices and can treat all signs of ageing for all skin types. Dermaceuticals products are designed specifically to be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin where cell functions can be manipulated.

We perform these amazing treatments everyday here at The Facial Room and practice the most hygienic protocol to prevent infection and provide a safe and comfortable environment for your treatment.

Results continue to be seen up to a year after treatment and as soon as after one treatment.

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