OC Eight

OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel 45g


OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel, the number one preferred primer of make-up artists in the US, is clinically proven to mattify skin and remarkably improve the appearance of facial foundations for up to 8 hours. OC Eight is a breakthrough skin care product with a one-of-a-kind technology that delivers even-toned, beautifully matt skin. OC Eight, with the oil-absorbing power of Acrysorb technology, has been clinically proven to gently eliminate excess sebum, treating associated conditions from facial shine to acne.

OC Eight is suitable for all skin types. OC Eight mattifying gel is an ideal make-up primer. Studies have shown that OC Eight improves the appearance of facial foundation. OC Eight can be worn by itself to give you even-toned, beautifully matt skin that looks and feels fresh.

How To Use 

1. Perform your morning routine as usual: cleanse, tone and moisturize with oil-free products.
2. Apply any medications or treatment products, followed by sunscreen. Remember to use only OIL-FREE products.
3. Once your face is dry, squeeze a pea-sized amount of OC Eight® gel into your hand and apply to the face (or the affected area) in a gentle, circular motion, spreading evenly over the skin.
4. Allow approximately one minute to dry. Apply make-up as normal. Enjoy shine-free skin for up to eight hours!
5. OC Eight® gel can be reapplied, if needed, at any time during the day.


Acrysorb Copolymer, Purified Water, Propylene glycol, PEG 400 (polyethylene glycol 400), Carbomer 940, Sodium Hydroxide, Methylparaben, Dissodium EDTA (Edetate Disodium)

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