Stratacel 20g

Stratacel is a flexible wound dressing specifically designed for the repair of damaged or compromised skin following resurfacing procedures such as dermal abrasion, laser resurfacing and chemical peels.
Stratacel is designed for those areas of the skin that are especially sensitive. Suitable for patients undergoing aesthetic interventions in the periorbital area, lips or nostrils or that have sensitive skin.

Intended use
Stratacel is a semi-occlusive wound dressing intended to cover a wound, to provide and support a moist wound environment, and to allow the exchange of gases such as oxygen and water vapor through the device.
Because Stratacel is a gel, it is easily applied to large exposed surface areas and contoured skin, like the face, neck and chest. Stratacel can be used with or without a secondary protective dressing.
Stratacel creates a moist wound environment.
Stratacel was developed to be used as a wound dressing for the repair of damaged or compromised skin following resurfacing procedures such as:
  • Laser therapy (ablative and non-ablative), including tattoo removal
  • Dermal abrasion
  • Chemical peels

Stratacel may also be used in conjunction with other adjunctive treatments to improve overall results.
Stratacel contains no alcohols, parabens or fragrances, and is transparent and odorless.
Stratacel is suitable for people with sensitive skin.
Stratacel may be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

How much Stratacel I need?

Stratacel gel is a unique formulation that requires substantially less product per application than typical moisturizing creams or barrier ointments.

Stratacel 20 g (0.7 oz) is enough to treat an 6 x 12 cm (2.5 × 5 inch) twice per day for over 60 days.

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