The Facial Room provides the Latest SPL (Square Pulse Light) Technology in treating pigmentation on the market. The French made P>O75 for pigmentation has a Medical CE certification which is the highest standard an IPL medical device can receive. The Medical CE certification is a European standard.

The treatment is pain free, quick and easy. Only 1- 3 treatments are generally required to remove unwanted pigment blemishes.
Unlike older IPL technology, the new advanced technology we offer includes a cooling system so that the head of the machine never heats up on the skin. You may leave with some slight redness on the treated areas and experience some tingling or minor sensitivity however the ultra safe settings and even distribution of the energy output prevents irritation and trauma to the skin. There is no risk of burning the skin with this ultra safe treatment.
SPF is required after the treatment course and exposure to the sun should be avoided to prevent the pigmentation returning.
Use of a melanin inhibiting serum or cream before and after treatment is recommended for best results which we prescribe for you.
The treatment targets the chromophore cell, heating and destroying the pigmented lesion with a pulsed light, allowing the body to get rid of the cells efficiently over the two week following the treatment. You can see results within days. It is not permanent as UV radiation or hormonal factors can re trigger/stimulate your melanocytes and the pigmentation can return. Yearly sessions are recommended and always wear SPF to prevent the pigmentation from returning.
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1-3 sessions are usually required for the best results.

Before and After 2 x Sessions


Before and After 1 x Session




1 – 3 spots $ 100
3 – 6 Spots $ 150
6 -10 spots $ 200
Forehead IPL $ 120
Nose and Lower Face IPL $ 150
Full Face IPL $ 300
Chest IPL $ 300
Hands IPL $ 120
Half Arm IPL $ 300
Full Arm IPL $ 450
Half Upper Back $ 450
Full Back $ 650
Full Face and Chest IPL $ 500 (save $ 100)
Face, Chest and Hands IPL Treatment $ 600 ( save $120 )


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